Environment – Natural and Human Environment, Class 7 chapter 1

Environment - Natural and Human Environment, Class 7 chapter 1

In this article I will be discussing about environment, in this will understand environment and will read brief introduction about types of environment and some basic word that we should know. Whatever we see in surrounding is environment. Means the playground of school, our home, people, train, mountain, river etc. environment is changing according to our need if we need to live in a cemented house than we will create than according to our need and change the environment.

So finally what I mean is place, people, things and nature that we see in our surrounding is called environment. It combines the natural and human made phenomena. The environment we have is divide into two part to understand easily – Natural environment and Human environment. Let’s discuss these two in detail.

Natural Environment

Natural environment include biotic and abiotic conditions exist on the earth. Biotic include the world of living organisms like animal and plants. Abiotic includes the non-living world like land, structures etc. natural environment includes all the things which we have discussed earlier but let’s brief them again.

Lithosphere is the solid crust of earth which means it include all the available abiotic things that exist on earth except water bodies because they come under Hydrosphere not lithosphere. Hydrosphere include all the water bodies like river, ocean, lake etc. lithosphere is made up of rocks and minerals and covered with thin layer of soil. It includes all the landform found like mountains, plains, plateaus etc.

Atmosphere is the layer of air that surround the earth. it protects the earth from outside harmful rays. Atmosphere consist various type of gases and also dust and water vapor. Changes in weather and climate are result of change in atmosphere.

The last is biosphere, it is combination of all the three – lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere with animal and plants. it is a very narrow zone of earth environment.


Ecosystem is a system which formed by relation between living organisms with each other and the other factors of environment like physical and chemical. All the factor of environment connected with transfer of energy and material.

Human Environment

In the earlier time human being adhere to the environment and change themselves according to the environment but in today’s scenario the things have changed. Human started changing the environment according to their need. These all came because of the new invention like growing crops, making building, industries, trade with barter system etc.

I hope you like this summary of NCERT class 7 Geography chapter 1 Environment. If you have any more problem with this topic, please feel free to comment below and share this with your friends too.

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