Understanding Diversity Class 6 Political science chapter 1

Understanding Diversity

Understanding Diversity Class 6 Political science chapter 1
Diversity in India

Diversity is such a big word to understand. When we look around ourselves, what we see that people have different culture, speak different languages, follow different religions and many for differences between each other. We all make a same drawing from this book everyone will make the drawing differently what does that mean is we all have different drawing skills with the differences in other factors like religion, culture, languages etc.

There is another example we can take to understand diversity is that if we have to write a question paper about our daily life or say hobbies than each one of us will we diverse in the answers. Even when we make friend we see some similarity between us than two person become friend. It is very difficult to make friends with someone who is very different from you. Like if you are good in academics than most of the chances are there that you get a friend from a good academic background even if you do not find any similarity in it.

There is inequality in the society and that comes when a person don not have resources like the another wo have it. For example, there are child is government schools who scores very well and very good in their academics but due to lack of resources they don’t even go for graduation and start working right at that age.

The cast system which we have in our country is another example of inequality. The society which we have divide us in different groups and make line between us like you will understand that rich people live here if you found good houses in an area. But if you see slums around you than your mind will automatically understand that poor people lives here. These type of big differences in our society causes inequality.

Another live example of inequality is that our society divided people by profession too and due to that a son of a potter has to make pots for his whole life. Parent never gave their children advice beyond their family profession.

India is a country of many diversities and inequalities. In India we speak different languages, we have many type of food, have different rituals, celebrate different festivals, different religion etc. there are also some similar thing that we do in different ways.

People also change their habits and manage according to the new environment they get. Like if I had to move to some new place then I must change my old habit and make some new according to that place. Due to that changes I may mix up my old and new habit and make a solely different culture. The habit of a person also depends on the geographical area in which he lived like if someone is living near the sea will definitely be different from someone who lived in mountainous area. For example, we take Kerala and Ladakh.

Unity in diversity – despite having too much diversity, India has great strength in it. When British came to rule over India people opposed them with unity. They come up and opposed together irrespective of their religion, culture, regional aspects, language etc. Our freedom fighter went to jails without thinking that whether they are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, rich, poor etc.

In the book ‘The discovery of India’ of Jawaharlal Nehru, he says that Indian unity is not imposed from outside (British) but it was deeper and within its folds. The phrase ‘unity in diversity’ was coined by Jawaharlal Nehru itself.

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