What is Government? – Type and Function – Class 6 Political Science

What is Government?

What is Government? - Type and Function - Class 6 Political Science

Every country which exist in the world need a government to make decisions and control things. There can be decision about building roads, schools, maintaining prices of goods and services. Government also help poor to live their life and also can take action against social issues, criminals etc. It provides many important services to its public such as railway services, postal services.

The government has the job of protecting boundaries of its territory and also maintaining peaceful relations with other countries. When natural disaster like Tsunami, drought, famine take place than government has the duties to provide aid to its people.

You may be wondering how government organize all these activities? Government has its different department for different activities like government has courts to solve any criminal or civil cases.

Level of Government

The works at different levels, it works at three levels which are –

  1. The local level means in villages, towns or locality.
  2. The state level means it cover a whole state like Rajasthan.
  3. The national level is for the entire country.

Laws and the Government

The government make laws for people and everyone who live there have to follow these. Laws are the way in which government can function. If there is no law than it may be difficult for government to function correctly. For example, government made laws for driving that only person who has driving license can drive otherwise he can be sent to jail or fined. If government don’t make law like this than everyone will drive and could cause a major accident.

Type of Government

Who gives the power to make laws and take decision to the government? This question has different answer for different type of government in a particular country. There are two type of government that we will discuss further –

Democratic government – in the democratic government it is the people of country who give the power to the government. This power is given through election in which people elect a particular person to represent them and take decisions behalf of them. In this type of government, government has to explain its works or say actions to the people.

Monarchy – the another form of government is monarchy government. In this type of government there is a king or say monarch who has all the power to make decision and take action. In some case the monarch can take advise from small group of people to run the government. Unlike in democratic government monarch does not have to explain its decision and actions to the people.

Government in Our Country

India is a democratic country and therefore it has democratic type of government. This achievement of democratic government for India has come up because of the great struggle of Indian peoples. There are many places in the world where people struggled for democratic government. The main feature of democratic government is that the people of that country has the power to elect their representative to take decision for them. This is referred as representative democracy.

The democratic government which we have in our country is indirect form of democratic country. In this type people cannot make law directly but their elected representative come together and make rule behalf of them. In other type of democracy – direct democracy, people make rules directly by make referendums at that time.

A government can call itself democratic government if it follows the universal adult franchise. Universal adult franchise means that all the adult of country should have the right to vote. In India previously, only poor people and women were no allowed to vote. Later our leader like Gandhiji demanded for universal adult franchise.

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